Create Custom PVC Keychains

Add a touch of nostalgia and fluffiness to your brand, with letterman-jacket-style chenille patches your customers will love to rep.


200 keychains from $1.89 each.

Minumum Order Quantity

Order just one keychain if you’d like – enjoy bulk savings with 2+.

Avg. Turn Around time

2-5+ weeks, from order placement to delivery.

Custom Pvc

Your next custom product idea, unlocked: gorgeous, retail-ready embroidered keychains that’ll give your customers a constant reminder of your brand.

Drag your image here

(Only *.jpeg and *.png images will be accepted)

Keychain Style

Choose whether you’d like your design on one or two sides of your custom 2D keychain, or all sides of a custom 3D keychain.

Keychain Colors

How many colors does your design use? Keep your keychain monochromatic or opt for a super colorful look with up to 12 PVC colors

Keychain Thickness

Make your PVC keychain as lightweight or heavy-duty as you’d like by customizing the thickness.

Keychain Printing

1-12 PVC colors not enough for you? Add additional gradient colors and finer detail with optional digital printing.

Attachment Types

Function matters just as much as fashion! Consider how your keychains will attach to your customers’ keys.

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