Create Custom Hats

Hats off to you for creating such a unique, recognizable brand. Now, create from-scratch custom manufactured hats that are worthy of it, using the same factories top brands like Diesel and Polo use.


200 hats from $10.36 each.

Minumum Order Quantity

Order just one hat if you’d like – enjoy bulk savings with 2+.

Avg. Turn Around time

2-6+ weeks, from order placement to delivery.

Custom Hats

Create an on-brand, retail-ready custom hat without even having to use your head all that much. We’re not talking about generic stock caps you can add a little printing to – these are customized, from-scratch manufactured caps that allow you to customize everything about your hat

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Choose the shape and paneling of your hat that’s the best fit for your design and vision.


Since you’re customizing your cap from scratch, you’ll be able to choose exactly the materials and colors you want.

Bill Shape

Curved or straight? Choose the bill shape that matches the style you’re going for.

Cap Closure

Whether your customers wear their hats backwards or forwards, the right closure completes the look.


Adding embroidery to a premade hat is often expensive and limiting. But since we’re making your hat from scratch, you’ll have the freedom to put as much embroidery as you’d like anywhere you’d like for an affordable price. We’ll embroider the fabric first, then construct the cap.

Profile Height

Choose the right profile height to suit the style of cap you’re going for


Make your hats completely retail-ready by adding branded embellishments.

Exterior Details

The biggest, most famous brands use the smallest, most intricate details to make their brands stand out. Add the perfect finishing touches to the exterior of your custom cap.

Interior Details

It’s what’s on the inside that counts. The right interior details can affect how your hat feels on… and make your customers wear it way more often.


You’ve customized your hat, you’ve dreamed up your design – now, decide how you’ll add your design to your hat and where.

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